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Unable to Access Hierarchy Visualizations

Unable to Access Hierarchy Visualizations

Hierarchy Visualizations As part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release, Hierarchy Visualizations was introduced as a new functionality that allowed us to look at records and their relationships in a new way.  Hierarchy Visualizations presented the relationship in an easy to understand graphical format.  For example, below we see the relationship between Accounts.

From a View it is easy to identify when a record has a visual representation of a relationship by the presence of the Hierarchy icon:   hv-2.2   as seen in the below screenshot.

But what if there is no icon and no Hierarchy Visualization when you know a relationship exists between records?

Access to Hierarchy Visualization is controlled in part by an access right assigned at the Security Role level.  To allow users access to this functionality, ensure that the users Security Role has the Customization right, Hierarchy Rule.

A handy new feature, as long as users have access to it!

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