What does it cost a distributor to lose a customer?

As salespeople we all juggle many tasks at the same time. Staying on top of all our customer demands and requests can become a serious problem for us. In the distribution business today’s customers have easy access to information on competitive companies that can service their needs and if we aren’t responding to them in a timely fashion with accurate information we run the risk of losing that customer including all their future business. Most salespeople try to manage their customers using a combination of tools that include spreadsheets, to do lists on calendars to post it notes with predictable results. Something falls through the cracks, which can lead lost customers, including current and future revenue. It also increases costs trying to find a new customer to replace their business.

This is where a solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution allows companies to consolidate all customer information in one place and provides a common company-wide view of the customer.  All communications between you and your customers (phone calls, emails appointments, quotes and orders) are associated with the customer record and easily accessible. The solution allows you to determine who are your most profitable customers including cross and upselling to them.  This is made easy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since it is accessible from a tablet or a phone so you can answer any customer question or request when you are on the road or meeting at a client’s office.

Your company can provide sales reps the tools to perform their jobs like never before. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be that solution to turn prospects into long-lasting clients for years to come by delivering relevant and updated data around the clock. If your business is planning a CRM implementation, contact Beringer Associates to achieve a smooth and successful deployment from day one. We are a Certified Microsoft Partner and have been helping clients with their IT needs for more than 20 years. Our services are different from other vendors on the market because we offer personalized assistance for customers by analyzing their unique operational demands and industry needs.Once an IT product is in place, we deliver 24/7 support to address any complications that come along. The implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provides for superior customer service, enhanced customer loyalty with increased revenue and never having to worry about losing a customer because you weren’t prepared with timely, accurate information.