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How to perform a clean install of Windows 11

Performing a clean install of Windows 11 allows you to start fresh with a completely new operating system that is free of old settings, unnecessary files, and potential malware. It also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your machine if you’ve been using an older version of Windows.

How to customize Windows 11

Windows 11 has a unique interface that is different than what users are used to. Although you can't make it look exactly like Windows 10 we can get pretty close. Below we will go over some changes to make you feel more comfortable with the interface and show you how to customize Windows 11 for your specific needs.

6 Important Windows 11 Features

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system has many new features versus older versions. In this blog, we'll walk through enabling 6 important Windows 11 features that will help to keep your laptop running well. While some features are very new, others are familiar but still important to the safety and security of your device.

Disable Ads and Notices in Windows 11

Did you know that Windows was designed to show notifications and ads, regardless of the version you're running? Users of Windows 11 may be surprised to see more of these annoyances. If you're wondering how to disable ads and notices in Windows 11, keep reading.

Tips for removing bloatware from your Windows 11 PC

New Windows 11 laptops and desktops may sometimes come with bloatware. While you can uninstall some of them, others require more effort to get rid of. In this article, we’ll show you several ways you can remove bloatware to optimize your computer’s performance.

5 Reasons you should hold off upgrading to Windows 11

Windows Windows 11 is the new kid on the block. It looks sleek and modern, and many users are tempted to upgrade to the latest Microsoft operating system (OS). But should you make the switch? Here are 5 reasons you should hold off upgrading to Windows 11, for now.

A Plethora of New Features in Windows 11

Windows 11, the newest operating system from Microsoft, is a breath of fresh air for PC users. Designed to provide a personalized experience, it offers many ways to change your PC’s interface, from how windows looks to how apps can be accessed. Here are some Windows 11 customization features that will give you more control over your PC settings.

Windows 11: Missing Features

Microsoft’s updated operating system has plenty to offer in terms of features and design. Users will like its virtual desktop creation capabilities, enhanced Microsoft Teams integration, greatly improved security, a more personalized widgets feed, and other new features.

Microsoft releases script to fix WinRE BitLocker bypass flaw

Microsoft has made it simpler to remedy a BitLocker bypass security flaw in the Windows Recovery Environment by releasing a script (WinRE). The BitLocker Device Encryption feature of system storage devices can be circumvented by attackers using the CVE-2022-41099 vulnerability.

Microsoft Defender app auto installs with Microsoft 365

While downloading or updating the Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft is currently forcing the installation of the Microsoft Defender for Individuals application. It was initially presented to Windows 11 Insiders in March 2022, and from June 2022, users with Personal or Family memberships have had access to it.