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Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio

A subscription to Microsoft Visual Studio includes a broad selection of options designed to enable Azure cloud development activities. Visit the Visual Studio subscription portal at to find resources such as training, developer tools, support documentation and cloud services.

Why choose Azure Virtual Desktop?

Over the past two years, companies have found it necessary to pivot away from the traditional "work in the office" mindset to allow remote work for as many roles as possible. If you worked for a company where remote work was not only possible, but somewhat of a norm, then the pandemic just sent you home to work all the time, in a familiar way.

What is Azure DevOps?

What is Azure DevOps? You might be wondering, "I don't write code, so how does a "development" platform affect me?"  Or, "My job is in developing innovative new features, changes have to continually happen."  Microsoft is looking to help software development and infrastructure operations teams to go against "the way it used to be" and work together to support each other's activities in the quest to deliver value to both internal and external customers.

Windows Server and SQL on Azure

Why move Windows server and SQL server to Microsoft Azure cloud services? When customers update their digital workflows by moving to Azure, they give their employees the current tools for keeping pace with technical innovation and relevant developments.

Azure Support

Cloud-Powered Infrastructure Azure Support & Consulting Trust a Microsoft Azure Partner serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and more! Get Your FREE Quote!Fill out the form below to get an instant, no-obligation quote.

Beringer Innovates with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is bigger than ever! Microsoft reports that their revenue for March 31, 2021 was $41.7 billion, which is a 19% increase from just 1 year ago. Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Microsoft states “The Microsoft Cloud, with its end-to-end solutions, continues to provide compelling value to our customers generating $17.7 billion in commercial cloud revenue, up 33% year over year.

Microsoft Azure Proactive Alerts

Microsoft Azure Proactive Alerts We are embracing cloud computing, specifically in Microsoft Azure!  We are excited to share how we've used it to proactively send alerts to support team members for outages, connection issues and more! Why Cloud Computing Cloud computing has been around for some time and there are different platforms that offer it.