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3 Great Tips to Search Google, Better…

There are many tools built right into the Google search field that you can use to narrow down the results that Google returns to you. Using these easy tools will save you time when searching and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Keyword removal:  

Do you ever find that when you search for something on Google that is brings up results with certain words you’re not looking for? You can type this into the Google Search bar:

Flat screen TV –plasma

Coffee shop –Starbucks

This will bring up results for the item you searched and will remove links that contain or reference the word you removed. You can add as many key word removals as you like to help narrow your search down.

Exact match search:

You can force Google to return results that contain the words you’re looking for in the order you type them and it will not show links for sites that do not have those specific words in that order.

Searching for the following:  “Crystal clear Pepsi” (in quotes) –This will only return searches with references to the exact phrase typed inside the quotes.

Filetype search:

This is a useful tool when you are looking for specific documents on something you need information about. You can have Google return links to actual documents by using this tool.

If I were searching for a publication from 30th street station in Philly I could type: 30th street station Philly filetype:pdf

This will return only pdf files that have the words 30th street station in them. You can apply this to anything you’re searching for by adding the filetype: command followed by the type of document you are looking for. (doc, xls, jpg, wav)

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