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Enhance your Wireless Infrastructure with Ruckus Wireless

Are you having issues with your Wi-Fi? Are you using an average wireless access point (WAP) from a large department store? Have you considered that your WAP is the issue? Upgrading your WAP to a corporate wireless access system with Ruckus Wireless can get the complete coverage that you need.

With the assistance of Ruckus Wireless, we are able to change the wireless infrastructure of your business to allow for complete office coverage. We can achieve this coverage with a complete floor plan of your office, including wall material, obstructions in the rooms, ceiling heights, and cubicle structure and material. That information is plugged into a calculation program which returns an estimate on where the WAPs should be placed.

After some minor tweaking and an onsite visit to confirm your current WAPs reading, we run a test with the Ruckus system and the calculations from the program. We first setup a Ruckus Wireless device in your office, outside of your network in one of the locations that the program predicted it would work. We then calculate the speed and throughput of the device in various locations. From these tests we can tell you how many WAPs you will need in the office and where they should be placed for optimum coverage. Once installed, we can adjust the settings to accommodate any changes that may have been made to the configuration of your office. If you decide to move, we can run this test again to make sure that your new office maintains the same level of coverage.

This setup will allow you to have the complete office coverage you need. Need more than one Wi-Fi? Ruckus Wireless allows us to broadcast multiple Wi-Fi’s at once such as Corporate and Guest networks. We can even broadcast the guest wireless in certain locations such as broadcasting it to the conference room in your office but not throughout the entire office.

Beringer Associates is always here to provide expert knowledge in topics like these. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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