AltiGen Announces All New MAX1000-SB platform for Small Businesses

New MAX1000-SB Small Business Bundle

The MAX1000-SB is an all-in-one IP PBX appliance for small businesses. It comes with AltiContact Manager (ACM) Server Base license and a 24-user license bundle that includes MaxCommunicator, IP Talk, MaxMobile, and Exchange Integration. 24 SIP trunk licenses are also included.

MAX1000-SB bundled licensing includes:

1 AltiContact Manger (ACM) Server base license + system key
1 AltiConsole license
24 Station Combo licenses including
–Station license
–MaxCommunicator license
–IP Talk license
–MaxMobile license
–Exchange Integration seat license
1 Multilingual license
24 SIP Trunk licenses

The MAX1000-SB ships with MaxCS AltiContact Manager (ACM) v6.5.1.531 preinstalled. Existing combo and individual licenses (IE: Agent, Supervisor, VR Manager, ect..) may be added to the MAX1000-SB as long as you do not exceed 24 total users.

**The MAX1000-SB 24-user systems has the following restrictions:
1. Station licenses are capped at 24. If you wish to expand beyond 24 users, you must purchase a separate expansion license.
2. The MAX10000-SB does not support Enterprise Manager. It will reject any attempt to load the Enterprise Manager license and connect it to a multisite environment.

Please Contact Beringer Associates for MAX1000-SB bundle pricing details.