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Use String Maps to Set Option Set columns in Power Automate

Power Automate is a great tool to expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365. If you use it long enough, you'll likely become familiar with the nuances of setting the values for different column types. One of which would be option sets. While you can use the drop-down to pick the option in some cases, it's also possible to run into instances where you will need to set the column based on data from another step.

Merging Dataverse Records with Power Automate

Duplicate data is an issue many of us are familiar with. Dynamics does have methods to detect duplicates as they are being created and ways to use rules to gather potential duplicates after the fact. However, someone still needs to go through that list and determine if they should be merged one by one.

Advantages of Concurrency Control in Power Automate

What is Concurrency Control in Power Automate?

Power Automate is a cloud-based service by Microsoft that allows users to streamline repetitive tasks, integrate systems, and trigger actions based on specific events or conditions. While Power Automate can do a lot, speed can become an issue if the task you're trying to achieve is being applied to multiple rows.