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Beringer is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Certified!

That’s right. Recently the CRM Team staff here at Beringer worked diligently towards securing their MCP Certificates for the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Certification tests are given through a Microsoft Partner to test our CRM Team’s ability to Manage, Install, and Customize the Dynamics CRM application. As one of those individuals at Beringer who took an exam, I’d like to share my experience in passing these exams and earning my MCP Certification.

As a Developer for Dynamics CRM, I personally completed the MB2-712 Exam. The test covered Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration. Topics included on the exam were split into sections: Managing Dynamics CRM Entities, Entity Relationships, and Fields; Creating and Managing Dynamics CRM Solutions, Forms, Views, and Visualizations; Configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM; and Implementing Business Rules, Workflows, and Business Process Flows. There’s a lot of content here.  But knowing this, I challenged myself to walk through portions of the CRM 2016 system I had never touched! And in gaining that knowledge, I could share it with my Team. For example, did you know that you can have up to 10 active Business Process Flows per entity, up to 30 stages per Business Process Flow, and up to five different entities per Business Process Flow?

The exams covered a lot of ground in CRM 2016. Passing the test means that the Beringer CRM Team staff is certified through Microsoft to customize and deliver Dynamics CRM. Beringer currently holds a Microsoft Partner status of Gold for CRM, Silver in Cloud Productivity, and Silver in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. We’re very proud of our achievement on these tests and look forward to renewing our certifications for the upcoming versions of Dynamics CRM.

Keep your CRM skills sharp! Thanks for reading!

Beringer is always here to provide expert knowledge in topics like these and has deep experience integrating data. Can we help migrate you to Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Please reach out to us today.

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