Why can’t I add Product Line Items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015?

If you’re one of the many Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers getting ready to upgrade to MSCRM 2015 and your end users rely on the capability of adding line items to Opportunities, Quotes, Orders or Invoices, you’ll want to read on. One of the common issues Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers face after upgrading from 2013 to 2015 is not being able to add product lines/line items to common core types of records in the Sales module. This includes Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and Invoices. When trying to add a line item, the below message appears on the screen:

Access Denied

As a system administrator, you might be inclined to check security role privileges for your end users, and you will probably find that Products as well as related records such as Orders have all of the necessary privileges provided, such as with the Salesperson security role shown below:

Salesperson Role

As you may know, there are no permissions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM specific to Opportunity Products, Quote Products, Order Products or Invoice Products. So you’re probably wondering how to manage privileges related to these entities. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, these relationships are controlled through a set of entities centered around Properties. Properties have been introduced in MSCRM 2015 to allow advanced functionality for Products, including Product Bundling and Hierarchy.


In order to allow your users to continue working with Product Line Items, you’ll want to add the Sales privileges below to their security role(s):

Property Privileges

Once your users have been granted privileges to read, append and append to for these entities, they will be able to add Product Line Items to their Opportunities, Orders, Quotes and Invoices.


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