PowerBI for the regular guy

PowerBi screen Shot 2Maybe you are curious about what Google, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson and companies like these have in common. They are among the most successful companies in the world and they all spend a tremendous amount of time and money on Business Intelligence (BI). So what is BI and why is it such a valuable tool for these companies? BI is a software tool that companies use to ask meaningful questions of the vast amounts of date they collect.

Questions, such as, how many times does a salesperson have to call a prospect before they are converted into a customer or what are the warning signs that I am about to lose a customer to a competitor. These may seem like simple questions on the surface but in fact they are deep meaningful questions that help a company grow their business. In today’s business environment, distributors are collecting  Gigabytes, or even Terabytes of data from there CRM, ERP and web applications.

You may be thinking that’s all well and good but doesn’t business intelligence require distributors to hire expensive data analysts and purchase expensive software? The answer to this question previously was yes but now Microsoft has developed a tool that is an add in to Excel called PowerBI that does business intelligence. This tool is available as a standalone product or can be used combination with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

PowerBI allows a user to ask questions of their data using a natural query language, similar to asking a question of your search engine and returns the answer to you in a data or graphic format. In combination with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, you now have a powerful tool to interrogate not only your CRM data but all your data including ERP data. Questions such as who buys my product and why do they buy it are now quantifiable. This can include why I lose customer and what are the early warning signs that I will lose them. Couple this tool with the Beringer’s CRM for Distribution solution and you have a powerful integrated tool. Not only to manage your leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities but to take a major leap forward to fully analyze that data to discover hidden trends and gain valuable insight into your business.

The best companies in the world use every tool available to get the most from their data and now you can too. So if you looking to get a competitive advantage in today’s distribution marketplace, look no further than Microsoft’s Power BI and integrate this solution Microsoft Dynamic CRM and Beringer’s CRM for Distribution solution. Please contact us to see how PowerBI can answer your questions today.