CRM 2015 Update 1 – Legacy Code Rendering Engine

Here at Beringer, we’re connected to the newest developments with Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With CRM Online organizations rolling out to CRM 2015 Update 1, its important that you have support from a Microsoft Gold CRM Partner so your system stays updated and functioning.

I recently came across an issue with some customizations when a CRM system had been upgraded to CRM 2015 UR 1 for their CRM Online instance.  Some of the Javascript Form customizations made some function and object calls that are native to Javascript, but unsupported by the newest version of CRM 2015.

This change deprecates any calls to unsupported libraries and APIs inside the javascript resources.  That includes DOM calls.  These calls could be things like:

  • Document.getElementById()
    • Mostly used to make custom buttons, change “style”, emphasize text
    • MS supports only using the XRM library

Luckily, MS has provided a System Setting to change the Rendering System back to the Legacy Format.  A CRM Admin should be able to just flip that switch and have the Javascript work as expected. However, we can expect Microsoft to completely drop support for Legacy Code Rendering as they had for the CRM 2011 support for the deprecated crmForm library in the interest of their CRM 2011 Xrm.Page library:


The setting does impose a hit on performance, as per the Form Rendering time chart provided by Microsoft. Rewriting your code is highly recommended to increase CRM system speed and utilize the parallelized model for CRM Form rendering



For more info, please read the article below for a description of the new Form Rendering System for UR 1:

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