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CRM helps in at least 3 distinct ways


Organizing customer data into easily accessible profiles may seem to be an abstract concept. For businesses that have gone for years without CRM, the advantages might prove hard to quantify. One of the easiest ways to put hard facts to these ideas is to break down what a CRM strategy could do for three distinct roles within a business. These positions all deal with customers in one sense or another, and taking the many different silos containing client data into account through simplified profiles and handy dashboards could help each of them excel in a unique and potentially groundbreaking way, enhancing overall performance.


Marketing department employees
The act of creating campaigns that will draw in new business is much less complicated when it’s clear what is and isn’t working at the moment. If current clients are particularly interested in a particular service, selling that element may prove highly successful. Working with real information harvested from a constantly updating stream of business communications may help organizations concoct messages that reflect the true motives of businesses preparing to buy the services they offer, as opposed to making inferences based on a limited pool of research data or conjecture by executives.  Reality wins out in situations such as these.


Sales representatives
Knowing everything about a client’s activities is indispensable for the representatives tasked with upselling new products or services for that account. The process of ascertaining the recent history of that business is replaced with automatic access to every relevant sales figure or email message. Equipped with this data, the representative can extend offers that make sense and suit the client’s situation. Without a centralized CRM application, there is a very significant chance that facts or figures could end up locked away in databases maintained by other employees, technically within the company’s servers but out of reach of the sales representatives who need it.


Customer service personnel
While a CRM implementation can clearly improve the performance of departments tasked with reaching out to make potential sales and connections, it would be foolish to overlook its ability to increase the satisfaction of existing account holders. When these clients call in with complaints or questions, service personnel can immediately view all the relevant information, everything that affects that particular contract. This built-in knowledge can speed the path to problem resolution, which is a major benefit. Quick service is a strong gesture indicating that a business has its clients’ best interests at heart and can offer the treatment they want and deserve.


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