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Servers can fail at any time: Watch them carefully

Servers can fail at any time: Watch them carefully

It's a nightmare scenario for IT departments: Workers come into the office on Monday to find that the data center has gone down over the weekend, meaning that the beginning of the new week will now be devoted to cleaning up the mess, scrambling to implement backups and dealing with the lost productivity of a workforce that cannot access their critical applications. This is where the need for third-party IT monitoring becomes clear. Managed network services providers can check on operations around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They can deploy solutions in situations that may overwhelm on-site personnel.


A devoted unit
The promise of outsourced IT services involves attention from a team of trained professionals who are deeply familiar with protecting IT systems. Businesses today may find themselves limited in how many salaries they can afford for their IT workers. If the data center is growing rapidly, it may become unfeasible to deploy enough highly trained workers to keep systems running at all hours. Remote workers can offer this functionality and instead of committing to full salaries for new positions, decision-makers simply sign a contract with a third-party organization. By this token, they can ensure their vital systems don't go down, even when their budgets don't support this service on-site.


Outsourced IT support services can keep a close eye on IT performance, despite the fact that they are not physically on the premises. Through a direct connection to servers, these employees are able to tell when a server goes down, and even examine event logs to catch issues before they lead to this kind of problem. Such professionals are also available to tune and maintain technology on a regular schedule, improving functionality through regular patches and preventative operations. Rather than settling for less performance than on-site employees could provide, leaders may end up with more.


Backing up vital data
While considering processes to entrust to third parties, decision-makers may want to go beyond maintenance and embrace full offsite backup. These plans take the place of antiquated tape systems, removing the need to physically store fragile materials. Tapes can become damaged in transit if they are kept far away, and suffer harm in the same disasters that affect the data center if they stay in the building. Instead of resorting to the use of these media, leaders can commission an online service. With this precaution taken, even catastrophic technology failures can potentially be corrected by loading a server image.


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