Cyber Security is like Swiss Cheese

Cyber Security is like Swiss Cheese

Imagine you’re trying to keep your house safe from burglars. You wouldn’t just lock the front door and leave it at that. You’d probably also lock the back door, all the windows, and maybe even install a security system.

Why you need a layered cybersecurity approach

Well, the same principle applies to cybersecurity. You need a layered approach to protect your organization from cyber threats. No single security control is perfect, so layering your defenses helps to mitigate risk and make it more difficult for attackers to succeed.

Swiss Cheese

Cyber attackers are like mice. They’re always looking for holes in your defenses to exploit. But if you have a layered approach, it will be much more difficult for them to get through. Imagine your cybersecurity defenses are like a Swiss cheese sandwich. Each slice of cheese has holes in it, but when you stack multiple slices together, the holes are then covered up and you block the attack much more effectively.

How to build the sandwich:

  • Antispam and Antimalware filters stop the basics – slice one.
  • Endpoint detection and response finds those things that might have slipped by onto a PC or laptop… slice two.
  • Cybersecurity awareness training helps the people in the equation not to invite a hacker in through the front door! Another slice! (Already the holes are closing!)
  • Website threat analysis and DNS protections close another hole in the internet cheese!
  • Dark Web scanning makes sure your credentials are not for sale on the web.
  • BONUS SLICE – we add a cloud-synchronized backup solution that captures ALL your local server data and sends it (hourly) to a redundant cloud storage location built like Fort Knox. SO – even if you did get hacked – we can still restore ALL your data in a matter of hours.

The layers are now a solid barrier…

(As an aside, Beringer has a 100% success rate in protecting clients that deploy our security stack. That stack is the layers that make up the Swiss cheese security sandwich!)

Implementing the Layers

Start with a solid foundation.

This includes having strong passwords, using multi-factor authentication, and keeping your software up to date. Segment your network. This can help to contain the spread of malware and other threats.

Monitor your network for suspicious activity.

This can help you to identify and respond to threats quickly. There are tools out there that will plant an assortment of sensors designed to detect anomalous behaviors and enable rapid action to prevent serious damage.

Have a plan for responding to incidents.

This should include having a process for identifying, containing, eradicating, and recovering from cyber incidents. A reputable (and conscientious) IT provider should be strategic enough to help you develop and document this important plan. Hopefully you never have to use it, but you should have one in place.

We had a (former) client that refused over time to implement additional security solutions as the threat landscape and the industry indicated. Earlier this year they were compromised and lost days to the recovery process and even had to pay the bad actors to recover data and restore operations. Their legal fees and forensic and recovery costs were many times more than the tools and processes would have cost to prevent the breach in the first place. That is aside from the reputational damage that this kind of hack can create.

Interested in more information about the cybersecurity practices we recommend? Take a look at our Managed Cyber Security service page.

And remember, even a little bit of security is better than no security at all.

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So next time you’re thinking about cybersecurity, don’t just lock the front door. Build a Swiss cheese sandwich!  By engaging with the Beringer team, businesses can choose an IT provider that can help them to improve their data security and protect their sensitive data. Contact the Beringer team today!

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