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Cyber Security Technology Without Training Is Useless

Cyber Security Technology Without Training Is Useless

If you want to drive a car or play a musical instrument or bake a cake - you need more than just the equipment and ingredients to do so. The how-to knowledge is key, of course. That and some practice. (Especially in my kitchen!)

Why would you bother to roll out tools like antivirus, anti-malware, endpoint security, email filtering, DNS protection, data loss prevention, geofencing, firewall traffic shaping, etc. etc. etc.... without also training the end user group to spot an attempted incoming email intrusion when it happens??

"We have plenty of protection already in place..."

Most of the tools and solutions above are background defensive measures to prevent an infection or breach. It is relatively easy to roll out tools that work in the background and don't involve the user having to actively participate in the conscious, daily process of cyber defense. That might require effort or some thought to really get to a level of effectiveness that would stop the attack...!!

The title of this blog makes it sound like all the items above are just fluff and not doing their job to protect you. On the contrary, all those are valuable assets in the war against cyber crime. BUT - more is needed. The glaring risk and issue we face is users clicking a link in an email without thinking first, opening the door to an intrusion - and defeating those tools. 

Get in the game!

There's the rub - user involvement. Just a few years ago, the attack vectors bad actors used were pretty obvious and more easily spotted and thwarted, mostly by those installed security tools. Nowadays, the threat landscape is much more subtle and it takes a good bit more knowledge and presence of mind to counteract these threats.

We implement the tools quite easily and many people are aware of the need for those but I still get pushback on cyber security awareness and training sometimes. The challenge is that YOU have to be part of the solution. Awareness and training are not just a good idea now, they are a requisite part of the fight. 

Contact us for more on awareness and training solutions. Background tools are essential but the holistic solution (involving you) is by far the best way to protect yourself and your network from breach. 

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