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Enterprise IT solutions can reduce network risk

Enterprise IT solutions can reduce network risk

No matter the industry, today's enterprises are faced with keeping corporate data and networks safe from outside threats. Security is an essential task, as cyber-attacks and hacking techniques continue to advance. A connected work environment is one that is in danger.


Focusing exclusively on combating external threat sources is not an effective strategy. According to ZDNet, poor practices by internal employees are the root cause behind a significant portion of data breaches. The source noted that many professionals deploy personal cloud, storage and email channels that are not fit for enterprise network functions.


While these programs may be suitable for transmitting or handling personal data for a single user, they can open up an organization to hacking threats if corporate information is stored on such applications.


ZDNet cited data from Globalscape that found that 63 percent of employees use remote storage services to transmit work documents. Forty-five percent rely on consumer-grade cloud tools such as DropBox to share files. This data raises some concerns about just how many businesses are at risk for a breach.


Offering alternatives to unapproved "shadow IT" services is one of the best ways to combat such deployments by employees. Making strategic investments in the right hosted cloud solutions make it possible for employees to share and access information through secure channels.


Microsoft Office 365 is a solution that is worth serious consideration and provides employees a valuable alternative to risky, consumer grade solutions.  Office 365 offers familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered in the cloud.  It provides the ability for everyone in the business to work together easily with anywhere access to email, video conferencing, instant messaging, documents and calendars.  It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft.


The Microsoft Office 365 suite has proven to be especially beneficial for users in recent years and the software offering is becoming more popular by the day.  In fact, The Register reported that Microsoft saw a 150 percent spike in the number of small- and medium-sized companies that adopted the software in 2013. As a result, Microsoft indicated that Office 365 is the fastest growing product in company history.


In addition to the right set of IT solutions in a company's toolbox, IT support services can help a business ensure that systems are running at all times. These outsourced efforts can be especially beneficial for small businesses or organizations that are growing, as they may need to quickly scale up their IT investments, but may not have the personnel to do so.




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