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FIOS Issues with Altigen Remote Phones

Finding an ideal VoIP contract may help organizations immensely.

Whats is Altigen?

AltiGen Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of on premise and cloud-based IP-PBX and Contact Center solutions.  Having more than 10,000 customers around the world, AltiGen solutions are designed for high reliability, ease of use, seamless integration to Microsoft infrastructure technologies, and are built on a scalable, open standards platform.  AltiGen’s worldwide headquarters is in Silicon Valley, California.  Local sales, service and support are provided by AltiGen’s worldwide network of over 300 certified partners.

The problem

Recently there has been an issue with customers who are on FIOS and remote to their offices. The phone will log in and out or will drop the call throughout the day. This issue almost renders the phone useless for the end user.

The solution

There is a firmware that can be applied to the phones. This can be obtained by contacting an authorized Altigen Partner for assistance. Beringer Associates is an authorized Altigen Partner and can assist with this issue. Please contact us here or call 800-796-4854.