Google Chrome Disabling NPAPI Plugins

google chromeThis is not to start a great debate of what browser you should use.   This is to give you some knowledge that you may use at a later date so that when your plugin stops working in Google Chrome… you will say… wait… I read something about this…

So what am I talking about?   Google has decided to stop supporting NPAPI plugins.   Be it for stability or security reasons, Google recently disabled (via an update) NPAPI plugins in Chrome.    They do have a workaround you can use to enable them again but that feature is scheduled to be removed in September 2015.   Great… how does that affect me?    Well… if you use Chrome and you hit a website that uses Microsoft Silverlight…  it will act like you do not have Silverlight installed.   The only way to get this working (at least till September 2015) is to manually enable NPAPI plugins in Chrome by typing the following as the URL:  chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

Choose Enable and select the Relaunch Now button.   This will enable NPAPI plugins again…  until they are permanently disabled in September 2015.    After September 2015… you will need to use IE which should support Silverlight till its end of life in 2021.

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