Skype for Business – not just for the kids to talk to Grandpa

skype of businessI am an expat Briton living in the US for over 30 years now. I have family all over Western Europe and we used to use AOL or MIRC or anything we could to avoid ridiculously high phone calls across the Atlantic. That kind of type-to-talk chat technology was relatively well adopted by the older folk – with some direction. In the 80s and 90s things had started to develop a bit more and video was coming online. AOL was groundbreaking and enabled a lot of people to talk around the world via VoIP.

The 90s and early 21st century brought video in big time and the idea of a conversation that was not a phone call became ubiquitous. Personally at least… Skype was pretty big for us at that point.

Its now 2015 and we can send video snippets to millions via Vine, Instagram and snapchat and the like. That stuff is personal. Some of it is REALLY personal!) Facetime, Hangouts and Lync are hot but it appears Microsoft’s Office 365 Skype for Business is the true leader in Unified Business Communications. This technology is now fully developed to support all of your business communication requirements.

This is not just IM – I’m talking Skype phone calls (to anywhere), video sharing, file transfer, screen sharing, remote control, seamless app and desktop presentations, whiteboard, presence and more. Connection to your Exchange email via Active Directory, links to contacts, groups, alerts and all kinds of useful tools both in and out of your company network are doable. This product is an amalgamation of all the useful stuff you can think of in Active Directory, MS Exchange, Windows and Office hooked up through some custom bioengineered nanite robocode developed in Microsoft’s Frankenlabs… They did really well here.

So – next time you are putting together a quick meeting or just looking to ping a colleague for a quick thought on your new project presentation, or decrying the endless diatribe in the sales meeting you just left or ranting about why the boss even speaks at these things – check out Skype for Business. Just note that all those conversations are stored in a database… So be nice!

Come to think of it so are all the things my siblings and I write about grandpa or the inlaws. I doubt they’ll ever figure out how to get to those tidbits…

To experience for yourself all the benefits of Skype for Business, please contact us. Beringer is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner who is serious about service.