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Healthy Businesses Need Security Audits

Healthy Businesses Need Security Audits

Organizations can't afford to be complacent with their cybersecurity. Beyond installing the latest cybersecurity tools, healthy businesses need to conduct consistent security audits to ensure that you are protected from cyber criminals.

Healthy Businesses Need Security Audits

Audits are necessary to ensure and maintain system quality and integrity. These system checks help identify security gaps and assure business stakeholders that your company is doing everything in its power to protect its data.

Beringer's Cyber Security Risk Assessment leverages the nationally recognized NIST framework (National Institute of Standards and Technology).  We scrutinize your IT environments, policies, and procedures to evaluate your risks and provide the most effective, tailored solutions to eliminate threats at all levels of your organization.

The audit is the first step of our assessment, and it takes a deep look at the security system, policies and compliance requirements you have in place.  All of your business computers and servers, as well as every program and every user, need to be checked. The assessment will give you an overview of how secure your business currently is, along with any weak points that need to be addressed.

What exactly should be audited?

When conducting an audit, there are three key factors you should focus on:

The state of your security

Security — especially digital security — is never at an impasse, and it is always in flux. That's because cybercriminals are always concocting new malware attacks and threats to infiltrate company networks. And that’s not even accounting for cyberattacks that exploit human error like phishing and other social engineering attacks. This means that system security has shorter and shorter expiration dates nowadays, making audits all the more crucial to implementing your security strategy.

The changes made

The key to having long-term data integrity is a continuity plan, and not just one that addresses severe business disruptions such as those caused by calamity or disaster. A true continuity plan tries to address every conceivable risk realistically, especially those that can trip up business operations, such as cyberattacks. This can only be possible if you know what kind of hardware and software comprise your system, as well as their respective updates and improvements.

Who has access to what

Data systems should allow administrators some control over who sees what. Total accessibility is a very dangerous prospect, especially since business is increasingly hinged on internet presence. An audit will let you check on user access so that you can make necessary adjustments to protect your data.

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