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Hosted PBX plans can mean scalable VoIP phone systems

Hosted PBX plans can mean scalable VoIP phone systems

How many phones does your business use today? If all goes well, that number will increase significantly. Expansion of resources is a natural part of growth, and being ready to cope with it is therefore a good practice. This means ensuring your phone solution can scale effectively when presented with demand. Today, there are many different types of VoIP phone systems for business on the market, but some contract models will handle capacity demands better than others. It may be prudent to select a hosted PBX model specifically designed for this situation, one which can grant leaders a fresh block of available extensions for when they know new users will be onboarding in the near future.


Get a good plan
Working with a hosted VoIP deployment instead of an on-site option is a move away from hosting services in your own data center. This is a significant step toward gaining an affordable system, as there is no need to purchase and manage server hardware. These capital expenditures can represent a barrier preventing the use of new technologies, meaning wiping them out with a hosted approach is a relief for the budget and a pathway to selecting a new system. If you're familiar with other cloud systems, hosted PBX VoIP will seem simple - pay by the month and receive service through a Web connection.


The key to making the cloud model work for you is to structure a contract that works with your needs and budget. Moving from one wrong deployment to another is a clear mistake, one that can be circumvented through the use of plans that go beyond the service-only or bundled model to give custom functionality. Adjusting a plan to suit your own circumstances from the start and ensuring that it can scale up effectively when new users join are two important considerations when signing a contract. Both of these stipulations are reasonable if you find the right vendor.


Other VoIP hosting options
Of course, some firms may decide they have the resources to deploy VoIP on-premise and want the customization afforded by these solution. It's still prudent in these cases to ensure that you are working with the right vendor, one that can deliver the level of service and support that you desire. This may involve purchasing a managed VoIP deployment that is located on-site but billed and maintained by a third-party, using a contract that more closely resembles a cloud services agreement, due to the lack of capital expenses.