Office 365 contains collaboration tools

Working with productivity software has become a fixture of the enterprise world over the past few decades. Professionals in nearly every industry can relate to using these tools every day, with many likely opting for the Microsoft Office suite. That software giant has recently executed a pivot in its strategy, enabling companies to purchase its productivity suite through a cloud distribution method, getting strong functionality without the up-front capital expense associated with the traditional software licensing model. While this financial advantage may have a big enough impact to sway some leaders on its own, it’s also worthwhile to see the advantages that come with going online.


The cloud advantage
Working with the cloud is becoming a familiar feeling to business leaders, and Microsoft productivity tools have been part of the landscape for decades. Combining these two elements, however, could yield exciting benefits. For example, file sharing tools are built into the framework of Office 365, meaning there are native ways for teams to store their information and stay in touch. This takes advantage of the fact that every employee has the same suite installed and can work efficiently with one another’s files. The productivity programs are even all the same release version, kept constantly up-to-date with no upgrade costs.


Professionals can also include Microsoft Lync in their plans. This communications suite enables a number of powerful options, including video and text communications that help workers stay in touch. There is also connectivity with the popular Microsoft Outlook email client, as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the major advantages of selecting a software grouping by an industry leader such as Microsoft is the ability to purchase a solution that can handle any basic business need and have it connect to other processes by default. There is no need to cobble together a solution, all the systems are integrated.


Helping hands
Leaders purchasing Office 365 for business purposes will naturally hope that the deployment and operation of the new suite goes smoothly. They can do more than hope, however, if they work with an IT services provider. These third parties can provide consulting before installation to ensure that decision-makers are looking at the right options for them. External partners can then smooth the deployment itself. Finally, the leaders in the field also offer 24-hour support services. This means that there is very little risk in purchasing a new, cloud-based office suite. Decreased upfront costs cut the immediate danger, and IT support services are there long-term.