How distributors can effectively compete with AmazonSupply


Have you read the recent Forbes magazine article, “Amazons Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos 8 Trillion Dollar B2B Bet”? It can seem pretty daunting if you are a local or regional distribution company.


AmazonSupply currently stocks 2.2 million items covering 17 product categories selling everything from tools, home improvement products, janitorial supplies to stainless steel pipe. With 24 hour shipping to boot they could be a tough competitor to beat.


What the article doesn’t mention is the critical role that wholesalers play for their customers. Distributors with the right tools can set themselves apart, not only from Amazon but any tier competitor.


Superior customer service will be the key differentiator and this is where a solution like CRM for Distribution can separate you from the pack. With CRM for Distribution, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all your customer information is consolidated in one place providing a common companywide view of your customers.

No more having to say “I’ll get back to you” or “I need to speak to the salesperson to get you that information”. All communications between your sales reps and your customers (phone calls, emails and appointments) are stored with the customer record, ensuring smooth and effective communication. CRM for Distribution provides a complete view of your customer’s history allowing you to maximize revenue opportunities, gain competitive advantage and build brand loyalty. CRM for Distribution enables you to market and sell complementary products based on this information, tailoring product offerings and services exactly to your customer’s needs.


Finally, since Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available on any platform including smartphones and tablets, your salespeople will be always have the most up-to-date customer information wherever they are.


So how can a distributor compete with the likes of an Amazon? By providing superior value-added customer service. The first step in providing that service is the implementation of a comprehensive CRM solution like CRM for Distribution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM