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Microsoft CRM 2013 Spring ’14 Update – Social Features

Microsoft CRM 2013 Spring ’14 Update – Social Features

The Spring ’14 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will be made available to online customers as an automatic service update with the option to install the new features. Customers running Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premises customers can download the update as an installable service pack (SP1).


This update provides a few new social media features:


Microsoft Social Listening

Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful new feature in Dynamics CRM that allows your organization to monitor social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to track products, brands, competitors, and campaigns globally to gain a real-time view of your customers and your business.

Listen & analyze

  • Global sentiment analysis
  • Acquire an accurate picture of your business and customers across social media sites.
  • Analysis in the native language of postings ensures cross-cultural understanding.

Share of voice

  • Keep tabs on your products, influencers  and overall brand in 28 languages across social media, news channels, forums and blogs.
  • Quickly measure the effects of your social presence for sales, marketing and campaigns and have the insight to know which activities are working to build and improve your brand, and which are not.


Competitive intelligence

Intelligence that lets you see how your brand is doing against your competitors' brands.


Campaign management

View stats on active campaigns within the analytics overview.




Monitor & Respond

  • Top influencers -Find and reach the most influential voices in your community.
  • Early warning system -Learn about emerging issues before they mature in to full-blown problems. Stay updated on the progress of hot topics.
  • Post alerts -Receive email notification of posts with specific key words, industry buzz words, competitor conversations.
  • Trend alerts -Receive email notifications when trends differ from the predicted statistics.



Social Insights on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Social Insights brings the benefits of social listening into Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Microsoft Social Listening details can be added to any CRM forms or dashboards. This allows easier to identification of trends, sentiment and general industry buzz in topics related to your campaigns, competitors and customers.
  • The new Social Dashboard within Dynamics CRM 2013 provides a complete view of the Social Insights details that are most relevant to your business role.
  • Sellers can easily stay on top of social conversations from their customers, through the contextual display of Social Insights data.






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