HP and Dell Product Service Tags via CMD

Often times as technicians we need to know the service tag and product numbers of the systems we support in order to check a warranty status on vendor websites.  In a world of remote support, asking the user for this information is not always the best option.  This information lies in the system BIOS and windows does not make it readily available for us to retrieve.  However, there is a way to get this information with little to no interaction from the end user.

Dell is the easiest of the manufactures.  With just a service tag, you can obtain all the information needed from Dell’s website pertaining to the warranty.  HP however, makes the job a bit more complicated.  Servers and workstations have two codes, a “serial number” and a “product number”.  The command we use to get the “service tag” for a Dell, will only yield us the “serial number” for HP’s.

Here is a trick to get both:

  • Open an elevated command prompt (search for CMD – right click and ‘open as administrator’)
  • For Dell’s ‘Service Tag’ and HP’s “serial number” the following command will work – WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER
  • In order to get to the meat of HP’s numbers, the following command will work – WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME, identifyingnumber

That is all you need.  A google search of this topic will have you digging and digging for this command.  Hope this helps!

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