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The importance of IT security audits

The importance of IT security audits

IT security is an ever growing concern in today’s world. It's more important than ever to give serious consideration to cybersecurity measures to avoid cyberattacks and data breaches. Regularly performing an IT security audit ensures your organization stays up-to-date and protected.

What is an IT security audit?

An IT security audit is a thorough evaluation of the cybersecurity measures of your organization. Performing IT security audits will help you identify and assess vulnerabilities in your networks, associated devices, and applications. It involves scanning for security vulnerabilities and performing penetration tests to determine how well your IT infrastructure can defend against various cyberattacks. The results of these tests will help you customize security policies and achieve compliance.

Types of IT security audits

There are two forms of IT security audits:

  • Internal audit
    In an internal IT security audit, a company uses its own resources and auditors to conduct the assessment. The organization conducts an internal audit to determine if its systems and cybersecurity policies are compliant with its own rules and procedures.
  • External audit
    An external audit is carried out by a third-party. In an external audit, your organization's entire system is tested to ensure compliance with industry standards and government regulations

Why is an IT security audit important?

An IT security audit provides a roadmap for your company’s key cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It shows where your organization is currently meeting important security criteria and where it doesn’t. Your organizations entire security is only as strong as it's weakest link.

What does an IT security audit cover?

An IT security audit examines your system, creating a baseline of weaknesses that attackers could exploit.

  • Network vulnerabilities
    Auditors identify vulnerabilities and gaps in any network component that cybercriminals could use to access valuable information or cause systemwide damage. Unsecured access points, instant messages, emails, and network traffic are all ways your IT security can be jeopardized.
  • Cybersecurity controls
    To ensure the appropriate measure are in place, auditors check to see how effective an organization’s security controls are.. An assessment is made of how policies and procedures have been implemented and if everyone is strictly adhering to those measures. Any gaps increase the risk of a breach.
  • Data encryption
    This will verify that your company has controls in place to manage the data encryption process effectively. This is to ensure that data is kept confidential and secure while being stored on site, in the cloud, on portable devices, and while in transit.

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