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Integrate Dynamics 365 with your External Systems


Dynamics 365 is designed to provide you tools that will guide you through your sales process from new prospects to opportunities and projects. Within Dynamics 365, you can track your activities such as communications, appointments and marketing efforts. It allows you to consolidate the insights your team has gained for each prospect and build invaluable reports. You can utilize its built in reporting tools or import custom reports using fetch XML. You can also integrate with external reporting services such as Power BI. These reports can be used to help your company determine realities or understand where your efforts are working and areas you need to improve on.

If you currently use Dynamics 365 or are thinking about it, how are you receiving and entering new prospects? Perhaps you are leveraging your websites “contact us” forms, conversational bots or 3rd party referral systems. These are great ways to spread your sales reach. If you haven’t already, integrate Dynamics 365 with your external systems to automate entry of new prospects and opportunities. One popular method of doing this is with the use of a web service. A web service works over the internet to communicate with other external web based services or clients.

We’ve created several custom web services for our clients that automate their sales entries in Dynamics 365. We utilize the power of Azure Web Apps and the efficiency of JSON to create our web services so they are easy to use and manage with your external systems. If you are looking to integrate dynamics 365 with your external systems, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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