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CRM for Distribution version 365.0.17 is ready for release!

In this latest version, we’ve tested & certified that CRM for Distribution is ready for the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’ve also added many enhancements as well as implemented some fixes to ensure CRM for Distribution is running optimally. Please reach out to discuss scheduling your upgrade.

DataSyncCloud Integration Enhancements:

  • Quotes and Orders can now be linked to Ship To records.
  • All currencies currently supported in Dynamics 365 are now supported in CRM for Distribution.
  • Queries have been adjusted to ensure data will migrate even if a Sales Rep ID is not assigned in the ERP system.

Product Enhancements:

  • Quotes created within Dynamics 365 are now unlocked to allow for manual quote entry. Quotes that originate from the ERP system will remain locked down to ensure the integrity of the data between the two systems.
  • Customer’s open order value was previously based on the full value of the order. This has been enhanced to populate the value based on the percent invoiced as well as the total open order value.
  • Quote request functions have been updated to support Dynamics 365.
  • Support for individual line item deletions at the quote level are now supported in Prophet 21. Enhancements made to synchronize these deletions in Dynamics 365.
  • New functionality to view sales history by Customer by Item Group.

Bug Fixes:

  • Deactivated Ship To records in the Prophet 21 may have caused blank Ship To records to be created in Dynamics 365. Adjustments have been made to eliminate this issue.
  • Fixed issue where in some cases duplicate contacts were generated from Prophet 21 to Dynamics 365.
  • Customer invoice tab previously only showed invoices related to the customer. This has been adjusted to show invoices linked to the customer and its related Ship Tos.
  • Ship Tos in Dynamics 365 will now assign to default sales rep in Prophet 21.
  • Fix issues where in some cases addresses were missing from some Customers and Vendors in Prophet 21.
  • Corrected issue where changes to Ship To records did not trigger integration in Prophet 21.


Microsoft has developed a form rendering engine that speeds up load times of forms but does not support color coding. Color coding has been removed from CRM for Distribution.

Beringer Technology Group, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is always here to support all of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology questions. Please contact us with any questions you may have.