Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Versions

In our CRM practice, we have recently seen an increase in support requests related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 4.0, where Internet Explorer has been upgraded to version 11. Various display and form problems have been reported both when accessing MSCRM directly through Internet Explorer, and also in the Outlook client for CRM.  In our experience across multiple customer environments, Internet Explorer 11 just doesn’t work properly with CRM 2011, and definitely not with CRM 4.0. 


Microsoft publishes compatibility data for MS CRM versions with other applications. Internet Explorer 10 is currently the highest version that has been tested and reported as compatible with Dynamics CRM 2013, 2011 and 4.0. You can find the most up-to-date compatibility details for Microsoft Dynamics CRM here:  


Internet Explorer 11 is being pushed out with automatic updates, so it will be automatically installed unless it is “hidden” within the Microsoft Updates list, on each PC.  If Internet Explorer 11 has already been installed, uninstall it. This will roll it back to version 10. Then, check for Microsoft Updates and locate Internet Explorer 11 in the list of offered updates.  Right click on Internet Explorer 11 and select “Hide” from the drop down menu.

This will prevent Internet Explorer 11 from being automatically re-installed on the same computer.  Internet Explorer 11 can be restored to the automatic updates list, once it has been certified as compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


 For customers who have an internal management system for pushing out Microsoft updates, we recommend holding off on distributing Internet Explorer 11 until it has been certified as compatible with Dynamics CRM products.


If you are an Office 365 customer using Dynamics CRM online, you may have received a “Service Alert” recommending the upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 for a better experience with Office 365 products. Upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 is not required for continued use of Office 365 applications and services.

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