Have You Thought about Your New Year’s “Sales” Resolutions for 2014?

This morning I heard a quote that has stuck with me all day – “The days are long and the years are short”.  Wow…isn’t that the truth.  As I sit here writing this article 353 days (some of which seemed incredibly long) into the year, I marvel at how quickly another year has flown by.


For so many of us, December is a month of reflection and New Year’s resolutions – that is no different in our businesses.  It’s the time of year when we spend a few minutes looking in the rear view mirror at 2013 and reflecting on the good and the bad while we ask ourselves, “What have I done to improve my sales organization and my customer’s experience?”


Many organizations struggle to move the sales needle effectively and face some daunting challenges – de-centralized information, disparate business processes, limited visibility into pipeline and sales activity, insufficient use of resources and lack of internal collaboration – just to name a few.


We all start the year with fresh To Do List’s on shiny new calendars filled with great resolutions and the best of intentions….


1 – Centralize and “shape up” my data

2 – Unify my sales teams and my business processes

3 – Track my sales activities, investments and pipeline

4 – Coordinate and collaborate between inside and outside sales

5 – Refocus Marketing Efforts in 2014 and fuel the sales pipeline

6 – Go Mobile!

7 – Get Social (huh?)


The bottom line here is that good intentions and hope are not a solid strategy.  If you want to improve sales performance and effectiveness, you need to take a hard and objective look at the way you sell and how your sales teams manage your customer relationships.   With a clear understanding about the way your customer needs to be approached, you can not only enhance your sales process – you ultimately effect a significant change to your sales results.


None of this is possible without a CRM Solution.  In today’s economic and competitive environment, CRM is, simply put, dial tone.   If you don’t have it, you are disconnected.  If you do have it, it’s time to get it working for you and take it to the next level with mobile, good data and streamlined business processes!


Make this your 2014 New Year’s resolution.


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