Internet Explorer - Still being exploited

Internet Explorer – Still being exploited

Google’s Threat Analysis Group has been made aware of a zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer which is  an infection of South Korean targets with malware. Google Tag was made aware of the attack on October 31st when multiple users submitted samples of the malware to VirusTotal.

When the malicious document is opened it would deliver an unknown payload using Internet Explorer. It exploits a weakness in the JavaScript engine of Internet Explorer. This exploit has since been patches on November 8th. Although the final payload was unable to be recovered this could have loaded ransomware or keyloggers on the machine.

It is important to make sure your machine is receiving all critical windows patches and is protected with Antimalware. If you are using an End of life operating system like Windows 7 or older, it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11. Internet Explorer is End of Life and has since been replaced with Microsoft Edge. It is also important to make sure your browsers and software stay up to date to protect against exploits.

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