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Internet Lead Capture Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is to be Discontinued

Internet Lead Capture Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is to be Discontinued

Please be aware that Microsoft will be discontinuing the Internet Lead Capture tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Customers on February 15th 2013.


The Lead Capture Tool is built into Microsoft CRM Online and allows you to build landing page forms on within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. These forms are hosted by Microsoft. These forms would push data directly into Microsoft CRM Online, for example a form would create a new lead in Microsoft CRM Online.


What do I need to do if I use lead capture forms?


Prior to February 15, 2013, customers will need to cease usage of the Internet Lead Capture functionality. To do this, any landing pages that have been created will need to be turned off. After February 15, 2013, when the service is retired, customers will not be able to import any leads that have accumulated. Prior to this, any leads that have accumulated from active landing pages will need to be imported.


What can I do to replace these forms in CRM?


We have a few options to choose from to replace this functionality. For further info please contact us at


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Page: /solutions/microsoft-dynamics-crm


Remember the date is February 15th, 2013 that the Lead Capture Tool will be retired.



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