ViperSoftX Malware Targets Password Managers

Do You Really Know If Your Company Network Is Secure?

A topic that I am frequently asked about when I am onsite is how secure the network is. As the attacks on large corporations have gained more media attention and continue to happen this topic has been brought to center stage. In today’s technology driven world it really is amazing the amount of sensitive data that is stored on networks. With this increase in sensitive data being stored so does the potential for attacks to try to gain this data.


It used to be that Small Businesses were on the low side of the attacker’s radar, but this has been changing lately. According to Symantec 40% of all targeted attacks are now aimed at companies with less than 500 employees. With this increase in targeted attacks smaller companies need to focus on network security more and realize the risks involved.

Beringer Associates can provide your company with the network security measures that you need to continue to thrive in this turbulent cyber environment. We provide everything from Antivirus and threat protection software, to Firewalls, Spam and Malware Advanced Filtering services and network audits to determine if you are lacking in your current configuration.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an evalution of your environment. Save money on labor costs and secure your environment by bringing on Beringer Associates to manage your IT infrastructure.

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