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Key Features of SharePoint

Key Features of SharePoint

More and more organizations are purchasing Office 365 E3 licenses, which come with a plethora of new products and services.  One of the most overlooked products in this bundle is SharePoint. Microsoft has combined File Management and Collaboration into one platform that almost all businesses can utilize.  Let's break down some of the key features of SharePoint and how it can help your business.

Document Libraries

SharePoint is, first and foremost, a place to store, share, and collaborate on documents in the cloud. Document Libraries are where this is done. Key features include:

Custom Columns

Create custom columns to track information on and categorize all of your documents.  Columns can be plain text fields, number fields, option sets, address fields, and more.

Internal and External Sharing

Share and collaborate on your documents in real-time with other SharePoint users as well as external users you've provided access to.

Views and Filters

Set up custom views and filters based on values in Columns, to cut down the number of documents you see at once.

Document Templates

Document Templates enable you to streamline your frequently used document designs.  Create a "shell" document template and users can create new documents from the template, with one click.

Search Functionality

Searching for documents is easy with SharePoint.  Not only can you search entire SharePoint sites for documents by name or by a value in those columns mentioned earlier, but you can also search by text within a document!  This ensures that you will always be able to locate a document even if you forget the document name.

Security and Permissions

SharePoint allows you set permissions at every level.  This means that you can set permissions at the site level, library/list level, folder level, and even at the document level.  By default, a file's permissions are often inherited from its parent component, which means that there is no need to review or assign permissions for every document, folder, etc.  Unless you have a specific need, these items will always have the same permissions as their parent library and site.

Native Integrations with Teams, OneNote, and more

SharePoint integrates very well with many applications within the Microsoft stack.  Most notably, Microsoft Teams.  The Teams-SharePoint integration allows you to tie documents in SharePoint to specific Teams Channels with a Files tab in your Teams application.  This allows users to discuss and collaborate on documents in real-time with ease.

Another great Integration is with Dynamics 365.  This allows you to connect your documents to specific Accounts, Contacts, and other  entities and access them directly in Dynamics 365.

These are just a few highlights of what SharePoint has to offer.  If you have SharePoint and are not using it, now is the time to start! Updates and additional functionality are added often to SharePoint, so be sure to check back on our blogs for updates and details on what's new and exciting in the world of SharePoint.

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