Do You Know What’s in Your Sales Pipeline?

5 ways a CRM Can Help Manage Sales Pipeline and Grow the Bottom-line


Managing sales people and a sales pipeline can be challenging no matter what type of business you’re in. It does not matter whether your products are large ticket items or small repeat items; managing the sales process and being able to forecast sales takes time and effort.


Sales people (I’m in this group) have a tendency to wear rose colored glasses when discussing the sales opportunities they are working on. This is not done to be misleading (usually) but sales people tend to tell sales managers what they want to hear, and they tend to believe it. Because sales reps need to be out of the office doing their job, updates on where sales status can be vague and short on detail. Management may not be getting the whole story.


This abbreviated communication can cause several problems. Opportunities can be missed, you may react too slowly to meet customer’s needs, and the business may miss revenue goals. It’s imperative that management be able to properly manage the sales pipeline not just hear hopeful comments made by over optimistic sales reps. The benefits of creating a consistent process of managing pipeline sales is where a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) can be very useful. Here are 5 ways a CRM software solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help manage pipeline sales and increase profits.


  • Motivating sales people using CRM
  • Predicting future Demand
  • Close sales faster
  • Increase close rates
  • Manage the sales and revenue roller coaster


In my next article I will delve into each one of these areas and discuss how a CRM solution can be utilized in each to help provide better management and increased revenues.


Know what’s in your pipeline at any time by implementing and utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM System support by Beringer Associates.