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Moving to a new office? Consider the benefits of VoIP

The move: It is common in the corporate world for businesses to downsize to a smaller and more efficient office space or upgrade to a new and larger building to host more equipment and employees. Neither transition is easy, especially when critical solutions such as telecommunication systems must be migrated in the process. Increase the efficiency of your office during the move by considering the benefits of VoIP.


Firms relying on older equipment should take this opportunity to consider updating to more effective options to not only make the office move easier but enhance future operations as well. There are far more agile deployments that can help businesses focus on setting up their new offices without harming productivity and efficiency.


Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) is one solution giving new meaning to communications. Available through the Web, the technology allows employees to collaborate with coworkers anywhere at any time, regardless of their physical location. VoIP is unique in that it allows organizations to make phone calls directly through their Internet connection, but without the fees associated with traditional land lines - everything is bundled into one.


The types of VoIP
VoIP can be hosted at an on-site location or in a cloud-based environment - the latter which has become a truly game-changing option for businesses, thanks to its flexibility. Firms can now migrate their most critical data and applications to cloud-based environments where this content is always accessible - something legacy equipment cannot claim.


The ability for a company to host a VoIP system in the cloud comes in handy when moving to a new location. Businesses no longer have to worry about managing the solution themselves, since such tasks are handled by an IT service provider. This approach can be done before an office move even takes place, allowing operations to remain in some capacity without burdening physical equipment while firms settle into their new location. The cloud is also affordable, requiring clients to only pay for the technology they consume.


On-site VoIP services are also beneficial to businesses. These solutions deliver a better long-term total cost of ownership to clients, provide highly customizable deployments, offer more user control over the systems and allow organizations instant upgrades.


Find the right partner
Setting up telecommunications should not be a burden for businesses embarking on their next move. There are ways to take advantage of innovative IT without managing these systems directly, including partnering with the right IT solutions provider. Third-party vendors offer such services, which are great for companies that want to focus on more critical aspects of management - market expansion, customer service and, in this case, moving to a new office. These service providers handle all of the functions, freeing up customer resources as a result.


Businesses embarking on an office move should also consider the productivity benefits of partnering with an IT solutions provider - they can now maintain operations around the clock even when setting up the new office, which would not be possible with outdated equipment that must be migrated and set up manually.


Bring your phone systems up-to-date with hosted, managed or on-premise VoIP deployments, supported by Beringer Associates.



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