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Hosted VoIP plans: Simplifying a complex process

Setting up a business phone system today is not a straightforward operation. IT buyers need to manage the number of connections and the amount of hardware, which is especially important as the organization inevitably grows. Leaders may find themselves dealing with complicated plans that require periodic and considerable capital expenditures for new phone hardware. Implementing VoIP phone systems in a hosted model could be the way around this problem.

Phone capabilities made affordable
Having VoIP solutions that don't call for large capital expenditures could revolutionize communications for that company. While traditional vendors will require clients to spend on hardware when they first install a system, then when they upgrade, those costs are rolled into the subscription fee for a hosted offering. This predictable cost will likely fit more neatly into the budget than the spikes that it replaces.

Managing and overseeing the components of a VoIP plan are important considerations. These functions are also taken care of when companies work with managed services providers. Whether the problem calls for a quick call to the help desk or intervention by a trained technician, the appropriate response is available. This takes the place of maintenance charges attached to hardware purchased outright, which can increase over time as the technology ages. Adding both technical aspects of VoIP deployment and expert service to the same bill is an innovation in workplace communications deployment. Leaders who have not yet considered the option should see if it fits their needs.

Get some help when adopting VoIP
As businesses can see, they must take various operational requirements into account before adopting any VoIP service. Rather than going at it alone, adopters can partner with an IT services provider to make the most informed decisions pertaining to VoIP suites. At Beringer Associates, we assist customers with every facet of their IT product implementation before, during and after launch.

Once a VoIP solution or any other product is in place, we deliver 24/7 operational support to address any complications that may occur, as well as oversee any system updates and upgrades over the system’s life cycle. This means your business can go about its days not stressing over IT maintenance but instead fulfilling your internal goals and freeing employees from handling these tasks.

Bring your phone systems up-to-date with hosted VoIP deployments, supported by Beringer Associates.



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