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Marketing Automation Trumps Cold Calling Every Day of the Week!

Marketing Automation Trumps Cold Calling Every Day of the Week!

Businesses today are embracing automation to streamline their processes. Marketing, in particular, involves many processes that are perfect candidates for automation. This holds especially true when it comes to email marketing and campaign management. Here are five compelling reasons why all businesses should consider a marketing automation platform such as Dynamics 365 Marketing.

1. Automatic follow-ups

Keeping in touch over the phone can be tough, which is why email is often the preferred choice of communication for marketing campaigns. With an automated system, your company can log the time and date of contact with leads, and set follow-up reminders for you and your team. You can even automate follow-up emails with prospects based on their interactions with email communications. For example, if a client opens an email but does not execute the call-to-action in the email, an automated follow up can be configured to recapture the recipients attention to further promote interest in your products or services. This way, no potential customer will ever slip through the cracks.

2. Customer Journeys

With each call and email you make and networking event you attend, you may obtain new contacts and leads. In the past, keeping track of these leads meant manually storing thick stacks of business cards and notes in your Rolodex. But today, cutting-edge marketing tools such as Dynamics 365 Marketing have made it possible to automatically capture contact information from any correspondence and record it directly into the Customer Relationship Management database.

Previous calls or meetings, scanned business cards, and received emails all get organized into a single database without a single minute wasted on tedious data entry. Automated systems can also track specific information on new leads, such as product preferences, contact times, and demographic information. All this information can then be used to create more personalized sales pitches that increase the likelihood of conversion.

Dynamics 365 Marketing captures the full Customer Journey so your Sales team can better engage and sell into prospects or accounts lists.

3. Instant responses to email requests

Whenever prospective customers contact you via an email or web form, they usually expect an immediate response. Take too long to respond, and these customers can quickly lose interest in your company, ultimately costing you potential business. But if you have a marketing automation solution, you can customize automated emails to respond to these leads as soon as an email is received. These emails may include answers to frequently asked questions about your services or a simple acknowledgment that you will get back to them with an answer shortly. Or more importantly, the solution can be extended to introduce an avenue for prospective clients to be able to schedule time directly with your Sales team. This leads to shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates.

4. Inbound lead assignment

Keeping track of which Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are handling which clients can be tricky, especially as you acquire more leads. Marketing automation software can fix this issue by automatically assigning inbound leads to the most appropriate CSRs. It could assign clients to representatives based on availability, prior experience, and specialties. This way, you can improve customer experiences by having the right people talk to the right clients.

5. Streamlined content distribution

Getting someone’s attention is key to acquiring more leads and building relationships. The best way to achieve this is to offer relevant and valuable content that prospects actually want. For instance, you can offer webinars, how-to tutorials from your niche, or special product promotions in exchange for filling out a simple web form. When clients submit the web form with their contact information, you can then use marketing automation to deliver the content directly to their inbox. The best part.....clients only receive information relevant to web page they were on!

Not only does this save you time from having to manually send out each piece of content, but it also allows you to track which pieces of content are most popular and generate the most leads, while ensuring the material is pertinent. This can inform future marketing campaigns and help you focus on what’s most important to your target audience.

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