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Microsoft CRM Best Tips: Personalizing Shortcuts

In Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011, there is more than one way to achieve your tasks, but the fastest way is always the best way. Microsoft has made many shortcut keys and buttons accessible in Dynamics CRM 2011, so clicks are minimized, and user time is optimized. I will show you how you can avoid time wasted looking for commonly accessed records and avoid having to search for the same information repeatedly.

By using the Recently Accessed button you can quickly bring up your CRM history of the records that you have previously accessed. Also, using the Custom View option you can save reports and searches so now there is no need to go through a full Query process to find specific information.

Read through this tutorial to learn how to create shortcuts in Microsoft CRM and save them as a Personal View.

The Recently Viewed Items

By clicking the Recently Viewed Items Tab you can quickly assess Records and Views that you were just working on. (*See #1, in the pic below)

If there is a Record or View that you use a lot you can click the Pin Tab so it will always be on top of the list. (*See #2, in the pic below)

By clicking the small arrow tab next to the records to can quickly filter and change views.

Creating a Personal View

In this example we will use the Advance Find feature to create a personal view that will show all Opportunities over $25,000

Click on the down arrow to open the View Menu and then select “Create Personal View”

Now the advanced find feature will show up.

Select your values...

    • Est. Revenue -> Is Greater Then->25,000
    • Owner->Equals Current User

When you are finished, click the Results (!) button, in the Ribbon to view your results.

If you are satisfied with your results, click the Advanced Find tab at the top to return to the Query view.

Now Click Save As and Name your Personal view.

When you are return to the main page, choose the drop down and ocate the view with the name you just created.

These tips and tricks will help you increase your productivity with better time management. Find more tips like this by subscribing to our Microsoft CRM - RSS Feed.

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