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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Release Preview : Platform Features

In the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release, code named "Vega", there will be several new features added as part of the base application platform in CRM. This part 2 of a 5-part blog series describing these new features.

1. Search – New Advanced Find option to do specific filtering of results based on specific record types.

2. Sync more types of information between CRM and Outlook or Exchange - Additional sync for contact and task fields, assigned tasks and appointment attachments. Easily view which fields are being synchronized. Easier admin management enable/disable/configure fields sync.

3. New Configuration Wizard makes it easy to configured CRM for Outlook - redesigned configuration wizard for the Outlook client with easier management of multiple CRM organization connections.

4. Business Rules – easier implementation of business logic across all CRM records and changes; more complex rule structure; options for default field values to automate form population.

5. Business Process Flows – Client API for business process flows allows full Javascript coding on active and enabled processes.

6. Calculated Fields – operations on field values are now possible without coding.

7. Business Rules Editor Improvements – more complex rule logic with AND, OR and If-Else branching; rules now applied across all client devices.

8. Capture key business metrics with Rollup fields – for related entities with 1:1 relationships, rollup from child to parent records, calculations through recurring system job.

9. Field level security for Out of Box fields – easier application of field-level security.

10. Compatibility – Up to date view of new and planned compatibility testing results:

For the full CRM 2015 Pre-Release guide, click here.



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