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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflows Benefits & Tips

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflows Benefits & Tips
Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM allow you to add powerful automated business processes to your organization.


Some examples of what you can do include:


-Send an email notification to the owner's manager when a Task has not been completed by the due date.


-Create a phone call activity for the assigned sales rep when a new Lead is created.


-Notify the customer contact when their service case has been closed and resolved.


-Send a happy birthday email each year to a contact on their birthday.


While workflows can be very beneficial to any company, they can also cause performance issues in CRM if they are not designed correctly.


For example, if you set up a workflow to wait until Due Date on an activity, but the date field was never filled in,


the workflow will get stuck in an infinite "waiting" state:




Overtime, several of these workflows could be running and consuming valuable resources, potentially causing performance issues for your users in CRM. A similar situation can happen if you set up a workflow to send an email notification to a contact, but the contact does not contain an email address on their record in CRM. To avoid situations like these, you should enforce the requirement of any fields that your workflow depends on or add check conditions in your workflow to first verify the field(s) contain data before attempting to execute the remainder of the workflow steps:





If you would like assistance or additional tips on creating workflows in your organization, please reach out to us at 800.796.4854.




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