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Microsoft Surface Book – The Full Story


The Microsoft Surface book is Microsoft’s next step in the evolution of its Surface touchscreen device. It is the inevitable leap, and it’s the missing link that connects a touch pad with a laptop. Think of it as an IPad and laptop in one, but way better. Running windows 10, you will have the access, programs and features you have come accustomed to. This isn’t a tablet, it’s a laptop. The screen has an innovative “dynamic fulcrum hinge” that connects to the keyboard to allow it to fold up just like a laptop.

Unlike the IPad, Surface, MacBook, or anything before it; this is everything in one. It runs Intel’s latest core generation processors, GDDR5 memory and a NVidia graphics processor. With a 13.5 inch screen, 7.7mm thin, and 1.6lbs its VERY lightweight and portable. The graphics processor resides in the keyboard part. The idea being that when connected as a laptop, you get the full power of a graphics processing, gaming, rendering work horse. Detach into “surface mode” and you get the presentation tablet sized functionality. Lastly, attaching the keyboard and “flipping” the book around” into “draw mode” allows you to retain all the power and ability to present and draw and display as a tablet.

The following are just a few of the great features this product has to offer:

  • Twice the speed of any apple product
  • Familiarity of windows
  • Productivity of a laptop
  • Functionality of a tablet

While this may be the first of its kind, and you might not jump on the bandwagon right away, I foresee this being the standard corporate portable device for professionals.

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