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Microsoft Surface Pro – Bring me your poor, your tired, huddled PCs…

Microsoft Surface Pro – Bring me your poor, your tired, huddled PCs…

Surface Pro 4 The American dream - A Microsoft surface Pro...?

I got one of these (Pro 1) about 2 years ago and the Pro 3 just 3 months ago. We are an IT provider so it is important to put on a good show and walk into a meeting flashing a snazzy new tablet around and wowing the crowd. (I suppose...) I liked my Dell laptop and was a bit resistant to this but after about 2 days - this thing rocked! It weighs less, connects to everything, runs all the full-version Windows apps, battery life is easily managed as it has a solid state drive and goes to sleep/wakes like a champ. I can dictate, type, handwrite, snap a pic, mouse, touch, swipe, gesture... The list goes on. Using this with Office 365 and OneDrive is a cinch and now that everything is synced to everywhere and Office Web Apps are free, I have access to everything, everywhere, all the time.

It's one thing to say that an XP PC has to go and that is certainly true. If you are a bit of a road warrior, a small, fast, easy on/off, full function machine is a great idea and this will replace and improve on most of the standard laptops out there. That is a bold statement but we are seeing execs everywhere go for this over some great laptops. Pricing is lowered and the Surface Pro 4 is now available, along with the Surface Book. Microsoft seems to have come into their own.

Even if you are not travelling a million miles a year but have to work from anywhere - when a client issue emerges, an important email or that Eureka moment strikes you - a stealth-mode tablet like this is very useful. Call us if you need info or just want to know the pros/cons of a tablet PC for business. The tablet has previously been good for college and twenty-something geeks but now - it's finding it's way into the executive wing and is getting a great review.

It is small, fast, has great battery life and the touch screen is amazing. Windows 10 with Cortana for voice command is like something out of a SciFi flick. I don't play Halo but Heck - now we can all be Master Chief!!

Beringer Associates, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is always here to provide expert knowledge on topics like these. Beringer is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized Microsoft Surface re-seller. Contact us today for more information.