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Microsoft Teams Key Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Key Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Key Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app apart of the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Complete with file sharing, video conferencing, screen sharing, apps, workflows, privacy and security. Teams offers businesses a way to stay organized all in one place. This shared workspace is a key feature to team success and makes Teams an extremely user friendly tool. If your businesses is currently using Microsoft Teams, you may already know of all these amazing features. However, even experienced Teams users can update their skillset with new Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams. This article has highlighted key shortcuts for both the web and desktop app. Below are a few shortcuts that I believe can benefit all Teams users, but please check out the entire list of available keyboard shortcuts in the link provided.

General Shortcuts

Two shortcuts that are particularly useful to users that are new to using keyboard shortcuts are the Show keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Period(.)) and Show Commands (Ctrl=Slash(/)). These two shortcuts are great for any user first starting out. Having these quick references to review can be really beneficial whenever unsure of a keyboard shortcut in Teams.

Navigation Shortcuts

Whenever in Teams, I am consistently using the navigation shortcuts. Open Activity (Ctrl+1), Open Chat (Ctrl+2), Open Teams (Ctrl+3), Open Calendar (Ctrl+4), Open Calls (Ctrl+5) and Open Files (Ctrl+6). All quick and easy shortcuts to access the key features of the navigation bar.

Messaging Shortcuts

Messaging Shortcuts cover some of the basics, such as Start New Line (Shift Enter). However, Other shortcuts like Reply to Thread (Alt+Shift+R) and Mark as Important (Ctrl+Shift+I) are other navigation shortcuts I was originally unaware that teams offered. Now I use them all on a daily basis.

Meetings and Calls Shortcuts

Lastly, If you happen to be a Teams user that is consistently in meetings or taking calls, some basic navigation shortcuts may be really helpful when time is of the essence. From Accepting Video Call (Ctrl+Shift+A) to Go to Sharing Toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+Space), The options are endless.

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