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Migrate Your Integrations to the Cloud

Are you ready to migrate to the cloud? If so, how will you maintain your integrations during this transition? Maybe I can help by painting you a picture of an integration. This is a picture that Beringer Technology Group has painted hundreds of times for our clients, and I hope it can help you.

My painting starts with an on-premise environment. Here I have several applications, servers and databases living in harmony behind my firewall. I invested a significant amount of resources building and maintaining SQL based integrations between these systems.

As my infrastructure ages, I need to make a decision on my upgrade path. Do I want to continue to support the hardware and software necessary for an on-premise environment, or do I want to start leveraging cloud applications? The cost effectiveness of cloud applications makes that an easy decision for me, but it raises another question… How will my integrations survive the migration to the cloud?

Implement an iPaaS solution

I can keep these integrations alive by implementing an iPaaS (Integration platform as a service) solution. iPaaS is a cloud based service that allows me to integrate my new cloud applications with my existing onpremise infrastructure.

My painting now illustrates an integration where my SQL server trigger moved to my cloud application. The iPaaS solution is now tasked with catching that trigger, then executing the SQL stored procedures in my onpremise environment. This allows me to continue to leverage my existing SQL based integrations, while building my new cloud based integrations.

We’re not just limited to integrating with SQL servers. I can leverage my iPaaS solution to communicate with other cloud applications like Act On and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

My iPaaS solution is a very important first step on my journey to retiring my onpremise environments. I can now continue my phased approach to migrating to the cloud, and replace each application as they retire.

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We love to implement cloud applications and build integrations here at Beringer. We have a tremendous amount of experience working with iPaaS solutions, and we’re always finding innovative ways to help smooth the transition to the cloud.

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