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Mobility has changed the face of CRM for good

Customer relationship management software is more accessible than ever, thanks to key advancements that have taken place in recent years. In addition to the adoption of cloud computing, enterprise mobility is perhaps the most significant development influencing a firm’s CRM implementation. Businesses with software that are available anywhere, at any time, can support an agile workforce that is able to use laptops, tablets and smartphones to view sales information regardless of physical location.

Employees are more informed, productive
Companies interested in integrating mobile computing with CRM solutions can benefit greatly from adopting Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The suite is a leading solution in the competitive marketplace, thanks to its ability to inform end-users at all times.

Sales representatives without access to a flexible platform, such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM have to operate from the office if they are ever to achieve productivity. Personnel can take notes from their desk and carry around a notepad if they have a client meeting later, but plenty can change in a few hours that could influence the sale.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s accessibility leads to sales reps who always have the most up-to-date information at their disposal. Now these staff members can show a customer’s yearly sales, year-over-year statistics and long-term growth prospects in a real-time capacity. Personnel are also able to leverage the CRM suite to emphasize their companies’ services compared to the competition, highlighting a prospective customer’s projected sales right through their mobile device.

Mobility is driving CRM revenue
With so much potential to change how sales reps function on a daily basis, it is not surprising that the global CRM market is experiencing growth from the influx of mobile computing. A Gartner study indicated the worldwide CRM revenue to reach roughly $24 billion in 2014, with cloud computing generating 49 percent of this total, ZDNet reported.

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Mobile devices will continue to play a key role in how staff members communicate and serve customers and clients. Paired with CRM, tablets and smartphones offer new levels of data accessibility not always easy with heavier equipment. If your organization has yet to experience all of the advantages of a mobile CRM experience, contact Beringer Associates today to get started. Mobile CRM offers great potential for businesses leveraging this powerful tool.