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New VMware Ransomware “Cheers”

New VMware Ransomware “Cheers”

A new ransomware named ‘Cheers’ is targeting VMware ESXi servers. VMware is a virtualization platform used by many large corporations. It has been targeted recently by many ransomware groups with the most recent attacks being LockBit and Hive.

When a VMware ESXi server is compromised, the attacker launches an encrypter which will stop all running virtual machines. Once they are stopped it will seek out files with .log, .vmdk, .vmem, .vswap and .vmsn extensions. These files will be encrypted with “.cheers” extension and will be inaccessible unless a ransom is paid to the attacker. If the file is unable to be encrypted it will still have its extension renamed to “.cheers”. This will cause downtime for any company as these virtual machines will be unable to start.

Always make sure to keep servers, especially hypervisors, secure and follow best security practices. This can be as simple as changing the administrator account password regularly, using a strong password, or locking down administrator access to only trusted machines. Also run an up-to-date virus protection on all machines and be sure to train users on phishing attempts and how to detect them. Most ransomware attacks are spread through email.

This exploit was recently reported here including details of the infection routine:

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