Office 365 isn’t your traditional Office product

Most businesses know about Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These tools have become synonymous with how companies operate, whether it is to produce documents, track financial data or create presentations for important meetings. What many organizations are still getting used to, however, is Microsoft’s latest and more functional bigger brother – Office 365.


Accessibility is what sets the new from the old. Sure, employees can pull up Word, Excel or PowerPoint on their laptops and tablets, but Office 365 includes more than these tools, delivering an even more valuable experience to personnel wherever they are located. Office 365 includes the above tools, as well as functions and subscriptions including OneNote, Access, Outlook, Publisher, SharePoint, Exchange, Project, Visio and Lync.


Cloud computing is a defining technology for Office 365, allowing the workforce to access all of these suites on their smartphones, tablets and laptops anywhere, regardless of physical location. Now, personnel can remain productive while traveling or in the field, thanks to the cloud’s constant Internet connection, resulting in data accessibility not capable with antiquated equipment.


The cloud also comes in handy in terms of maintenance requirements. On-site IT tools require businesses to manage these solutions themselves. The cloud, however, is handled by IT services providers, meaning clients can finally forgot about implementing updates on their own.


Getting the most out of Office 365
If your company is ready to embrace the possibilities of cloud computing and innovative solutions such as Office 365, Beringer Associates can be your guide through this process. We are a Microsoft Partner, and our staff members are always up to date with the latest Microsoft certifications, so we can be your firm’s one-stop shop for Microsoft products. If you partner with us, we will analyze your organization’s tech requirements and IT goals to make sure you get the most out of your Office 365 deployment from day one – all while following realistic expectations to avoid complications down the road.


Should your company experience an issue with Office 365, you can bet we will be there to address the problem as quickly as possible. We provide clients 24-hour support for any and all of their IT-related challenges.


Businesses may still be learning about the capabilities of Office 365, but the product delivers where traditional Office software cannot. The cloud has delivered data accessibility like never before, making the Microsoft solution a valuable option for companies that want to support an agile and productive workforce. To learn more about how we can help your firm adopt Office 365, click here for details.