Office moves are the perfect opportunity to change your IT infrastructure

Still relying on those old land lines for communications? Planning a big office move to a new building with vast real estate to support a larger workforce? Why not migrate some IT systems and phone systems to cloud computing to reduce operating costs, enhance efficiency and improve productivity?  The time may not be better to ditch on-site infrastructure to take advantage of more agile environments.


The cloud has made all of this possible, allowing businesses to take a more hands-off approach to their IT departments. How? On-site systems force companies to manage these tools themselves, requiring firms to implement additional hardware should they demand more storage capacity and power to handle extra workloads. The beauty of the cloud is that the hosted environments are managed by the vendor, allowing clients to focus on training and operations of their business as a result.


In the end, the cloud’s scalability means users can ramp up storage and power whenever needed, only paying for the additional resources they consume – a big advantage over solutions that require an upfront capital investment even if they are never used to full capacity. Companies pay for cloud services through a subscription model, meaning they are not locked into long-term contracts with vendors.


In terms of phone calls specifically, the cloud opens a new wave of communications compared to older counterparts. Every company uses the Internet in some capacity, so why not integrate Web capabilities into the fold to replace phone systems? Think about it: Employees can now use their mobile devices to stay in contact with coworkers and clients anywhere at any time if the cloud is available at their firms. The modern office is no longer bound by an office setting but anywhere that someone has a smartphone or other Internet-connected device.


Enter the cloud phase with the right support
New technologies are always influencing corporate operations. What was popular a few years ago may no longer serve a purpose in today’s or tomorrow’s competitive market. Cloud computing has become a game-changing option for companies that want to always maintain a competitive advantage by achieving flexibility at all times. Research has shown the cloud technology will become even more ingrained into the IT space in the near future, making now the perfect time for firms to strike.


If your organization is still relying on those land lines and want to infuse some life into your IT infrastructure when moving into a new office, you can accomplish all of these goals with one technology – cloud computing. An IT solutions provider is the perfect way for first-time adopters to become familiar with the solution and receive the necessary support.


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